Faces of Hope Amidst Poverty

You know what we like in going to communities in far flung areas? It’s the innocent smile of little children amidst the hardships of life they are faring. We get to see hopes in their smiles. We get to see a better society ahead of us. We need to, we have to to see future smiles not of hopes but of reality at hand.

These children are the sons and daughters of farmer members of people’s organizations (POs) we are currently serving under our food security program.










Early Morning Dizziness

I thought I was pregnant.

I caressed my belly
Worried a tragic did happen,

Nose under heavy smoke
Of coffee in a hot drink.

Headaches and dizziness
Caught me in a trap

Whilst I shaved off
Some dews hugged my t-shirt.

Awhile ago,

A man dressed up as woman
Was dragged down by men

Who were hallucinated by the
Foreign lights lined up the street.

A bottle of soda was thrown by
Little girl who was talking in a car

She, well, it is better I skipped
Her features were not good for a child.

The shattered bottle
Shared the revving engine of the car

Then I asked a man standing under a lamplight
How’s business going

He told me: A few in a row
Will make you a good fellow.
Walk the path of darkness
Never follow the light in wee hours.

So I walked. Avoiding lights.
That’s where I see everything.

I killed him first with
My AK-47 rifle, then
I sprayed bullets at the car,
I shot the men in the heads,
and one by one they fall
on the side of the street where everyone is walking.

Then I turned on the television
Which caused a screeching noise.

I wished to erase all static visions
Of televisions, and

Changed it into a Barney show.
It could’ve brought relief.


You shut the light
We came uninvited
Our grip that of chains
We heard you curse
Of a rover landed on a comet
You watched a while ago.

Our big white eyes
Lighted that night
With our caresses
As soft as cotton pillow,
Our kisses sang
Of classical melodies.

Then snapped us with
Your crashed doorknob
Of ghosts haunting your wakefulness
Of curses rang in the whole room.
Silhoutte of you being possessed
Ruined our pallet, our painting destroyed.

We cry, that was almost perfect
Then little by little we heard your shrill
Laughter of a beautiful
Moonlight drowned in misery.