In the meantime

In the meantime I try to recall
A braided hair in my dreams
Of how neatly it is place like

A little centipede who crawls out of plan
Trying to reach a crack
In the midst of glass cup.

I think of little beautiful faces
In an ugly expanse
Like right now

When you try to reach your hand
Of an empty bottles
In a crowded street

Where people forgotten
How you were once so ugly as a star, and
How those dirty hands become beautiful.

Well I guess beauty should be stolen,
Others did try to in their lenses
They prisoned you for eternity.

In the meantime
I continue to caress
Your beautiful hair

Think of all sunsets to come
How our eyes meet them
Like horizon, like copulation.

They never get to see
When you walk gracefully during those times
When you wander aimlessly

With filthy sacks on your back
Filled with rubbers, old photographs, old newspapers,
Old memories, everything old and dirty.

In the meantime
I kiss your cheek
And think of all roses blossoming.

In the meantime
I try to forget this world,
I tried to.

Yes, I am entitled to that right?


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