Early Morning Dizziness

I thought I was pregnant.

I caressed my belly
Worried a tragic did happen,

Nose under heavy smoke
Of coffee in a hot drink.

Headaches and dizziness
Caught me in a trap

Whilst I shaved off
Some dews hugged my t-shirt.

Awhile ago,

A man dressed up as woman
Was dragged down by men

Who were hallucinated by the
Foreign lights lined up the street.

A bottle of soda was thrown by
Little girl who was talking in a car

She, well, it is better I skipped
Her features were not good for a child.

The shattered bottle
Shared the revving engine of the car

Then I asked a man standing under a lamplight
How’s business going

He told me: A few in a row
Will make you a good fellow.
Walk the path of darkness
Never follow the light in wee hours.

So I walked. Avoiding lights.
That’s where I see everything.

I killed him first with
My AK-47 rifle, then
I sprayed bullets at the car,
I shot the men in the heads,
and one by one they fall
on the side of the street where everyone is walking.

Then I turned on the television
Which caused a screeching noise.

I wished to erase all static visions
Of televisions, and

Changed it into a Barney show.
It could’ve brought relief.


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