I’m Back With ‘The Walking Dead”

I admit it. I’m a fan of the series. We’ll after the last few week’s announcement of its return on AMC and season 3 finale episode. I was like living in a stone when I learned that it’s the season 5 already. Where was I? I was nailed at Season 3’s episode 11 and still got 5 more episodes to go.

We’ll that was yesterday.

Today, I happen to pass a dvd store in the downtown area to buy what my wife wanted to watch (the film Annabelle). I was looking for Filipino indie films when I stumbled upon “The Walking Dead’s Season 3 and 4” dvd on display. I never bothered to touch it, then I asked the vendor if they have an indie movie on stock. When he told me they didn’t have one, and no other dvd’s caught my attention, I was forced to buy it. For avid fans, pardon me, but that was the right term.

After watching the remaining episodes of season 3, I have to take back what I said. The season was awesome. After months on hiatus because I have to focus on GOT and busy work schedules, I never knew what I had missed when I let the remaining episodes at rest.

Not anymore this’ll going to happen again. With the season 5 on the run and lagging behind season 4 16 episodes, I have to double time. Never mind the sleepless nights. I have to finish this.


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