In An Empty Space There Is Solace

Headache, anger, pain, grief. Different emotions brought about by higher costs of fuel which leads to rising costs of basic commodities. How can the people of Pinas endure all of this when more than 3/4 of it’s population are considered poor? And the worst is our government isn’t doing anything to address this problems, or if they are doing something, it is relatively not enough. But what makes me go irate is that they are blaming this system to us – the Filipino people, for we are letting bad things happen, for we are not helping this government. Fuck! That’s a nonsense excuse for not doing anything. Look at the distribution of wealth in the Philippines. Look at whose at the top of the social stratum? They are just amassing the nation’s coffers while we, the ordinary, remain isang kahig, isang tuka. Hindi pa man pinapangak ang magiging anak natin at ang mga magiging apo natin, may mga utang na sila.

What have we got after the overthrowing of dictator, from Cory to her son Noynoy? Did we see positive changes? Twenty five years have passed and what happened? Some analysts says that twenty-five years is more than enough to surge up the economy of the Philippines. But where are we right now? We are now left behind by the countries which during the time of Cory are just a pint of sand compare to the Philippines, but look at how those countries which we used to laugh pass us now. Is there any hope for the future? There’s more headache when you think of the problems and it’s solution. You’ll probably burn your eyes reading books just to find the solutions for it or thicken you ear skin hearing from different personal views. So after all of this, what do you expect from a normal J. dela Cruz? Do you expect us to just sit, relax and let the government handle all of this?

You’ll have to be thankful when you have a large, vacant area to scream out your lungs when you are full of all this shitty things. I’ll be the one to do it first.

I always passed this empty lot whenever I went to buy my cigarette at the nearest store. The nearest store is about 300 meters away so I’ll have a long walk, with a little jogging, a little chat in the air, a little playing (I used to kick out stones that stumble my way), and a lot of time thinking. So whenever those shitty things come into my mind, I look around, look far away to the empty lot, feel the air flowing into my lungs and then shot a blow in the wind or shout out loud. There’s this feeling that helps you get things out when you are preoccupied with everything that affects your everyday routine and that is just looking at empty spaces. It may not help you at everything but it will really help you empty your mind and feel fresh anew. So whenever I am full of shitty things, I buy cigarette and pass this empty lot. Look at it, clearing my thoughts while feeling the smoke enters the hole of my lungs. And when I am done and back, I feel anew.


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